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Animal Health the Natural Way Using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Learn how Critter-Care can be safe, effective, 'under your own roof', and may help reduce other expenses in your pet’s health care. Essential Oils are beneficial for everyone in your home when we bring quality oils to our daily lifestyle! Learn simple ways to promote healthy eye, skin and skeletal function; aid a healthy digestive system; help calm your pet in crises; discover non-toxic ways to reckon with the ‘pesties’ of summer and generally create a ‘chemical-free’ zone for your pets.

Aromatherapy for Healthy Cold and Flu Season We will be discussing natural ways to beat cold and flu season with essential oils. Learn which oils may help bolster your immune system, and what Young Living products will help soothe and calm sore throats, coughs and stuffy noses.

Back to School A “Healthy Back To School” - Spread Excitement, Not Germs Hundreds of years ago, a small group of spice traders knew how to keep themselves healthy traveling from port to port. Their recipe is still with us, and is available to you. Using Essential Oils makes it easier to face the fall and winter health challenges, and maybe keep them totally at bay! Great for kids, parents and teachers, too. Let's get ready for back to school! Kids will benefit from essential oils that will keep them healthy, focused and calm at school and home. Each Attendee gets a Brain Booster Spray with orange and peppermint

Colors of the Rainbow- Supplement Style Let’s break down into easy to decipher categories the amazing Supplements infused with essential oils that YL has to offer. Find support for every system of your body to enhance your wellness!

Cooking with Essential Oils Utilizing YL Vitality oils, learn how to season and flavor your favorite foods and drinks. Instead of traditional spices and seasonings, use essential oils with therapeutic benefits. Flavor your favorite drinks, ice cream, protein shakes and smoothies with oils!

Digestive Support for Maximum Wellness Cleansing is an important & easy way for us to help our bodies do what they are naturally meant to do: filter & get rid of toxins, along with obtaining the maximum absorption of nutrients. Over weeks, months and even years, our digestive system can become overburdened. With a little support we can clean our insides and maintain our body in a balanced state. The beauty of this is we get to live with greater vitality!!!

Ditch & Switch An enlightening look at the cleaning chemicals, and health and beauty products in your house. Are you using what is healthiest for your family? Get introduced to amazing products that can make your home “green” and support your YL goals!

Essential Oils 101 Discover the power of essential oils for you and your family. Learn what essential oils are, how they are made, how to use them, about quality standards and much more! Sample & discuss the multiple uses of 11 Young Living Essential Oils

Essential Oils 102 Using Essential Oils for Supporting a Healthier Lifestyle Learn how Young Living’s essential oils and oil infused products can support healthier looking skin and hair, promote a healthier immune response and improve overall wellness. Essential oils can be used as a dietary supplement, and as an additive for a stimulating drink as well as healthy ingredients for cooking. Many oils are very invigorating and relaxing when used for a comforting, calming massage. Learn about the advantages to a chemical free home when using essential oils for a safer way to clean and purify your home.

Essential Oils in Ancient Scripture Explore the very special oils found in bible text. Learn about the uses and verbiage of the time and experience a special anointing! Class fee includes a make and take anointing oil and handouts.

Essential Oils of the Garden
With summer just around the corner, but gardening already in full swing, consider that most people will have young children, grandchildren, or pets running and playing around the yard and garden areas. We can have peace of mind that no harm will come to them from toxic chemicals and sprays when we use Young Living's essential oils. Not only that, our plants, flowers, and vegetables will thrive on the homemade sprays with essential oils in them!

Healthy Brain.... Natural Support
Do you have a loved one in a nursing home? Maybe a family member or friend is having some brain or memory challenges? Maybe you are trying to keep someone out of an assisted living situation or know a child with some learning challenges? Maybe you just want to stay healthy and maintain good brain health to avoid these challenges. This class is for you. Learn how to support and protect your brain, naturally.

Immune Support with Young Living
Supporting your health and wellness from the inside out. Come dive into your options beyond just the oils. Did you know Young Living has a gambit of supplements to support just about everything you might need? We’ll dive into those options for your immune system and more!

Live Your Passion Rally Live your passion at this local, global event! #YLUnites. This is a great opportunity for networking, self development and learning new things! Every quarter thousands of Young Living members join together in cities across the globe for a member-hosted event. We will have fun give aways, Zyto Balance Scans($25), Aroma Dome Experiences($15) and a FULL Young Living product store!! Also, at Rally>>>>>>> Aromatherapy Jeo-parody!!!!!! Brush up on your YL factoids, history, blends........ this is a FUN silly game that is educational to everyone involved. Whether you are a contestant or in the audience you will have a blast. Final jeo-parody winners always go home with high value prizes!!

Lucy Libido Class Are you choosing a life of balanced hormones so you can achieve a more fulfilling life of health and intimacy? Using Lucy’s little black book we will have a blast sharing how essential oils can help his soldier stand at attention and excite your love button!

Movie Night- The Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils

Watch the trailer https://youtu.be/2fQ7fIF2TSA Come, join with us on a wondrous journey back in time, to a place of mystery and astonishing discovery. Learn with us timeless secrets so powerful the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews rejoiced in them, kings and priests found life and healing in them. See how even before man was upon the earth, The Wisdom of the Ages created these sources of healing and vital health. They were amazing gifts, treasured by all who found them.And they remain even today, ready to be rediscovered in our own modern times. So join us on this adventure, and learn for yourself the secrets of Essential Oils! What are these oils? And how do they work? The answers are found along the exciting journey that lies within!

Moving Free and Easy with Essential Oils
Moving Free and Easy General Wellness means our bodies “click in” for a normal and natural recovery from everyday common injuries, accidents, irritations and physical stress. Learn how we use Essential Oils to support overall physical fitness for greater freedom and ease to ‘move through the day’.

Post Convention Party- Mini Expo Interactive journey that will introduce you to the amazing new products launched last week at the YL International Convention!! Experience tasty Ningxia mixers while navigating a round robin style mini product expo. All the new products launched at convention will be available for purchase!

Stress Relief with Essential Oils Modern-day living includes emotionally charged situations . What we do with emotional build-up directly impacts our physical and emotional health. Many people seek solutions that are natural yet effective in dealing with normal, everyday ups & downs. Come learn about the power of Therapeutic Essential Oils to assist our body to re-balance and re-boot. Learn how emotional and mental well-being are interconnected ♻️ to all aspects of our best healthy self .

Vitality (and Einkorn) Sip & Dip A delicious journey into the YL vitality line of Essential Oils, Einkorn (the ancient grain) and other Food products of YL. Sip and Dip some yummy recipes using YL products and recipes!

Young Living Beauty Event This will be a fun filled afternoon of skincare tips, beauty treatments and makeup musts! Learn the fundamentals of skincare, how to avoid toxic chemicals in skincare, and body care products, how essential oils are beneficial to your skin, and sample Young Living skincare in a fun spa party setting. See all the latest in colors and trends in a complete demonstration of Savvy Minerals application including lots of beauty hacks. Skin analyses reveal unwanted aging, sun damage and clogged pores. Savvy Minerals color matches will also be happening throughout the day. You will leave refreshed and pampered.