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Smooth Fine Lines, Deep Wrinkles, Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet 

Improve Depressed Acne Scarring  

Fill Pitted Chicken Pox Scars and Old Surgical Scars 

Improve the Appearance of Stretch Marks 

Reduce Hyper-pigmentation and Sun Damage 

Smoother Skin Texture 

Reverse Skin Aging 

Boost Elastin and Collagen Production  

Boost Absorption of Skin Care Products

How does the Derma Stamp Pen(micro needling) work?

Derma stamp pen moves the needles up and down and creates 6,000 to 8,000 micro punctures into the skin per minute without damaging your skin! It is super fast, and you cannot even see the needles moving, but you will
notice a slight vibration.   

Derma stamp pen breaks down old scar tissues . This activates your body's wound healing mechanism and triggers tremendous collagen and elastin production.  

Your scars, wrinkles or stretch marks reduce significantly as new collagen slowly rebuilding your skin tissue.  Also remodeling of new collagen continues for 12 months after each treatment.

Dr. Des Fernandes discovered that skin needling can stimulate collagen re-growth by 1,000% in a single treatment. It also improves the absorption of topical products such as Vitamins C, E and Hyaluronic Acid by 10,000 times.  This
supercharges skin renewal and collagen growth.  As a result, your complexion quickly becomes younger and more radiant.  


Full Face $315 per treatment

Forehead Expression Lines $100 per treatment

Eyebrow Furrow Lines (between eyebrows) $75 per treatment

Crow's Feet (outer eye) $80 per treatment

Tear Trough (under eye area that loses volume and makes bags appear) $60 per treatment

Nasal Labial Lines (laugh lines) $75 per treatment

Lip (upper) Lines $80 per treatment

Marionette Lines $75 per treatment

Package prices are also available for multiple treatments.

10 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1.  My skin broke out after treatment.  Why?
 if you have active acne, skin needling can spread acne bacteria around your face and trigger a breakout.

Q2.  How long to see results?
Multiple treatments are necessary to achieve significant improvement.  Treatment effects are cumulative.  All skin is different so I can’t give a definite time frame.  Usually you will see results each week as the skin changes due to collagen re-growth.  2-3 months are required for deep scars and wrinkles.  

Q3.  What areas of the skin can be treated?
Skin needling can treat sensitive areas that other treatments have to avoid, such as below the eyes, the neck and the back of hands.

Q4.  How painful is it?  
Most people reported mild pricking sensation, but the majority of people have no problem with the pain.  If you have very sensitive skin, you can apply numbing cream before treatment. 

Q5.  Does it work on the bags under the eyes?
Derma stamp pen will not remove the bags under your eyes, but you can use it to treat wrinkles around your eyes. 

Q6.  Can I wear makeup or sunscreen after treatment?
DO NOT wear plain makeup/sunscreen immediately after treatment because they will absorb deeply into your skin through the micro-punctures/micro-channels, you may wear glominerals makeup however.  It is best to wait 24 hrs for your skin to calm down or your micro-channels to close up before applying makeup or sunscreen.  

Q7. How many treatments will I need to smooth out my lines?
For more fine lines you may need about 3 treatments. Deeper lines will need 6-8 treatments. Expression lines may need annual treatments.